Today's "Daily Bread" from St. David's

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Daily Bread

I'm sorry.  I woke up this morning intent on writing my regular devotional, but I got caught up watching the news last night, and my heart is still just aching too much to write.I feel disgusted by the cruel and inhuman act caught on videotape that set off this current crisis, and I'm fearful of how many similar instances there may have been that weren't caught on tape.I'm saddened by the senseless and unhelpful violence and destruction that have only resulted in further division and distrust.I'm concerned for the many dedicated police officers who calmly have to take the brunt of pent-up anger, as they're simply trying to do their jobs of protecting and serving and keeping the peace.I'm angry at the outside groups from all sides who've come in and taken advantage of the honest expression of outrage for their own personal gain and to cause mischief.And I'm worried that there are forces that are bent on escalating the conflict rather than diffusing the hostilities, so that the difficult and important work of healing can begin.So today, instead of our regular devotional, I'd just like to send along this prayer and song.  May God be with our nation and guide us through this troubling time.
Let us pray.

O God, send your Holy Spirit upon our nation.
Where hearts are fearful and constricted,
    grant courage and hope.
Where anger and violence are infectious and widening,
    grant peace and reassurance.
Where impossibilities close every door and window,
    grant imagination and resistance.
Where distrust twists our thinking and further divides us,
    grant healing and illumination.
Where spirits are daunted and weakened,
    grant soaring wings and strengthened dreams
   of a more just and peaceful tomorrow.
All these things we ask
    in the name of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.


  -- Pastor Micah 


Daily Song

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"Bleed The Same"

by Mandisa (featuring TobyMac & Kirk Franklin)