St. David's is a neighborhood church with a tradition of commitment to Eastern Nassau County. Our worship follows a simple order (which varies by season) with uplifting music, Bible reading, an inspiring message and sharing in Holy Communion. Worship is a time to consider our lives, to be reminded of God's promises, to pray, be grateful, and to receive the gift of God's unrelenting love with bread and wine.


Who is welcome?
All are welcome! And we mean all! No matter your titles, abilities or struggles: Come as you are.


Will I know what to do?
It's easy ... our bulletins lay out the elements we follow.


I have kids...where do they fit in?
All kids are encouraged and welcomed to attend in worship. Their talking, singing and playing are music to God’s ears. We also have an adjacent room providing families privacy, while also being able to participate in worship. We also provide children's programming (click here) on Sundays at 10:00 am for ages 2 through to the 5th grade, which includes children's worship.


Eating at Jesus Table:
We have Communion every weekend. Jesus is the host at the Communion Table. All baptized persons are welcome to receive.